Client Success Manager (CSM) Agreement

Position Summary

Position: Client Success Manager
Department: Client Support, Sales and Marketing
Reports To: CSM Manager, Chief Executive Officer

ROLE (Overview Of The Position):

As a Client Success Manager and member of our Client Success Team, you are responsible for developing client relationships that promote retention and loyalty. Your job is to work closely with our client success team to ensure our clients are satisfied with the services they receive and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction. You will be expected to provide a moderate level of technical support to customers with the goal to keep clients satisfied with the business’s products and being technically competent enough to resolve issues without much back and forth.

To be a successful Client Success Manager one must excel at collaborating with others to drive best practices, working directly with clients to achieve success, communicating with clients and teammates, and identifying opportunities for product expansion with clients.

Our Client Success Team members are our clients’ main point of contact (POC) at the company and therefore you are expected to maintain an enthusiastic “can do” attitude at all times when customer-facing.

You will be expected to develop a thorough understanding of client objectives and success metrics to drive tailored solutions that will ultimately increase adoption and retention.

This position involves supporting the sales department with onboarding of new clients; working with our clients on an ongoing basis as a point of contact; sending scheduled updates to all clients on the progress of their campaigns and creating and maintaining retention and referral programs to retain existing clients.


Monthly: Base $3,000.
Compensation provided on monthly basis by the 5th of the month, for the previous pay-period

Bonuses & Incentives:

a. Retention Bonus: There will be a $20/month bonus per assigned account retained after 9 months of the first invoice paid.
b. Review Bonus: One-time bonus of $50 for a 5-star review on Google
c. Upsell Bonus: One-time bonus of 10% of the upsell amount for upsells up to $10,000
d. Referral Bonus: One-time bonus of $100 for any qualified referrals from accounts

Work Schedule:

8 am to 5 pm US Central Time, M-F

Probationary / Growth Transition Period:

This position will be evaluated over a 90-day period during which time the company and new team member will communicate clearly on progress. Team member will be hired as a contractor

Company desires to retain Independent Contractor and Independent Contractor desires to be engaged by Company to provide certain services to Company on the terms set forth in this Agreement.

1. Confidential Information. Independent Contractor agrees to hold Company’s Confidential Information (as defined below) in strict confidence and not to disclose such Confidential Information to any third parties except to team members or employees that require the information in order to perform the Services under this Agreement and who are under written agreement or otherwise bound by obligations of confidentiality to Independent Contractor. Independent Contractor also agrees not to use any of Company’s Confidential Information for any purpose other than performance of the Services:

1.1. “Confidential Information” as used in this Agreement shall mean all information disclosed by Company to Independent Contractor, or otherwise obtained by Independent Contractor pursuant to Services provided under this Agreement, whether or not such information has been identified as confidential or that by the nature of the information or the circumstances surrounding disclosure ought reasonably to be treated as confidential and/or proprietary, including, but not limited to, any oral, written, graphic or machine-readable information including, without limitation to:
1.1.1. Concepts and ideas relating to the development, distribution, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, servicing or financing of the current, future and proposed products or services of Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates;
1.1.2. Current trade secrets, patent applications, drawings, claims, know how, information, data, results, prices, techniques, inventions, ideas, processes and formulae;
1.1.3. information regarding current and future plans for research, development, protocols, new service offerings or products, marketing and selling, business plans, business forecasts, budgets and unpublished financial statements, licenses and distribution arrangements, prices and costs, suppliers and customers; and
1.1.4. any information regarding the skills and compensation of team members, employees, contractors or other agents of the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates.
1.1.5. Confidential Information also includes proprietary or confidential information of any third party who may disclose such information to Company or Independent Contractor in the course of Company’s business.
1.1.6. Independent Contractor’s obligations set forth in this Section 6 shall not apply with respect to any portion of the Confidential Information that Independent Contractor can document by competent proof that such portion: (i) is in the public domain through no fault of Independent Contractor; (ii) has been rightfully independently communicated to Independent Contractor free of any obligation of confidence; or (iii) was developed by Independent Contractor independently of and without reference to any information communicated to Independent Contractor by Company. In addition, Independent Contractor may disclose Company’s Confidential Information to the limited extent required by a valid order of a court or other governmental body, or as otherwise required by law, provided that Independent Contractor provides prompt written notice of such order so as to afford Company a sufficient amount of time to seek protection for its Confidential Information.

2. Non-solicitation/Non-competition. Independent Contractor acknowledges and agrees that (i) he/ she will have unique and extensive exposure to operating and strategic information, business plans, competitive strengths and weaknesses and other sensitive information acquired, developed and maintained at great expense by Company; (ii) Company’s customer and Company contacts and relations are established and maintained at great expense, and that by virtue of Independent Contractor’s relationship with Company, Independent Contractor will have unique and extensive exposure to and personal contact with Company’s customers and Clients, and Independent Contractor will be able to establish a unique relationship with those individuals and entities that will enable Independent Contractor both during and after the Term, to unfairly compete with Company; (iii) the terms and conditions of the following covenants are reasonable and necessary for the protection of Company’s business, and to prevent great damage or loss to Company as a result of actions taken by Independent Contractor; and (iv) the terms and conditions of the following covenants are severable in accordance with Section 22 hereof. Accordingly, Independent Contractor agrees as follows:

2.1. During the Term and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, Independent Contractor shall not accept, solicit, call upon, or service (or procure or assist the acceptance, soliciting, calling upon, or servicing of) any business from any Clients or customers of Company, or request, induce or advise (or assist other parties, including but not limited to team members, employees, agents, contractors, or consultants of the Company or its affiliates, to request, induce or advise) Clients of Company to withdraw, curtail or cancel their business with the Company, except with the written consent of Company.
2.2. During the Term and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, Independent Contractor shall not solicit, or assist anyone else in the solicitation of, any person who is then employed by, or shall have been employed by, Company within the one-year period prior to the termination of this Agreement to terminate his or her relationship with the Company or to become an employee, consultant or contractor of any enterprise with which Independent Contractor may then be associated, affiliated, or connected.
2.3. Independent Contractor also agrees that during the Term and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, Independent Contractor shall not request or advise any consultants, vendors or contractors of Company, who currently have or have had business relationships with Company in the one-year period preceding the termination of this Agreement, to withdraw, curtail or cancel any of their business with Company, except with the written consent of Company.
2.4. During the Term and for a period of (1) year thereafter, Independent Contractor shall not engage in a business directly in competition with Company in the United States of America or Canada.
2.5. If, at the time of enforcement of this Agreement, a court shall hold that the duration, scope or area restrictions stated in this Section 12 are unreasonable under the circumstances then existing, Company and Independent Contractor agree that the maximum duration, scope or area reasonable under such circumstances shall be substituted for the stated duration, scope or area and that the court shall be allowed to revise the restrictions contained herein to cover the maximum period, scope and area permitted by law, except with the written consent of Company.

3. No Conflict of Interest. During the term of this Agreement, Independent Contractor will not accept work, enter into a contract, or accept an obligation from any third party, inconsistent, in conflict with or incompatible with Independent Contractor’s obligations, or the scope of services rendered for Company, under this Agreement. Independent Contractor warrants that there is no other contract or duty on its part inconsistent with or in conflict with this Agreement. Independent Contractor shall indemnify Company from any and all losses, claims, causes of action or liabilities it may incur if Independent Contractor violates this Section 14 or any other provision of this Agreement.


5. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Colorado, as such laws are applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within the State of Colorado, between Colorado residents.The parties hereto hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of any state or federal court located in the State of Colorado, any action or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement, and hereby irrevocably agree that all claims in respect of such action or proceeding shall be heard and determined exclusively in such courts. The parties hereto hereby irrevocably waive, to the fullest extent they may effectively do so, the defense of an inconvenient forum to the maintenance of such action or proceeding.

6. MUTUAL NON-DISPARAGEMENT: “New hire signer/ Team member” agrees not to disparage Company / “Company,” it’s members, products, team members, employees and agents in any manner. For the avoidance of doubt, disparagement shall mean disparaging or otherwise making any false or negative statements or reviews about the products, services, members, managers, or employees of any Party. “New hire signer/ Team member” acknowledges that a breach of this will result in irreparable harm which cannot be fully compensated by monetary damages. Accordingly, in addition to any other remedy, which may be available to it/them, Company / “Company”, shall be entitled to injunctive relief to address any actual or threatened violation of this paragraph.


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