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Learn to build authority and achieve dominance on Google.
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James Campbell, CGO
James Campbell
Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

With 15 years of experience, James has been pivotal in guiding estate planning and elder law firms to achieve their goals. He believes that genuine service is key to success. As Chief Growth Officer, James leads growth strategies that benefit both our agency and our clients. He oversees the enrollment team and assists clients with marketing plans, video marketing campaigns, and branding strategies. His passion for sales coaching is evident in his Total Sales Mastery program, conducted via weekly Zoom calls. Outside of work, James is a devoted husband and father of three. He coaches 12U Football and serves as a deacon at his local church, showcasing his commitment to community and leadership.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Understand the impact of SEO and Google for estate planning, probate and elder law
  • What happens when your website ranks #1, 2 or 3 in your market for the top "high intent" search strings?
  • What happens without SEO and your site and profiles don't rank well
  • How does Google decides who ranks and who doesn't
  • The exact process we follow to build authority and achieve dominance on Google

You will also learn how to:

  • How to attract Buyers vs Non-Buyers
  • How to leverage content to build authority and trust with prospects AND Google
  • How law firms generate hundreds of online reviews
  • How a solo estate planner with one staff person generates $80K per month leveraging SEO
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Take a Look at What SEO Has Done For These Estate Planners!

Shawn McCammon

Shawn is a solo attorney averaging $80K in monthly revenue!

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Rudy Beck

Rudy's firm of 3 Attorneys does over $3M per year!

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Philip Ruce

Phil's firm has over 500 5-Star Reviews on Google!

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Michele Ungvarsky

Michele is the #1 Ranked Probate Attorney in all of New Mexico!

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In this increasingly digital age, law firms that fail to invest in SEO risk losing potential clients to competitors with a more robust online presence.

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Now is the Time to Adapt to Remain Competitive

Law firms must continually adapt and evolve to stay ahead of your rivals. By investing in SEO, you can ensure that your law firm remains visible, relevant, and competitive in the digital landscape.

As more people turn to search engines like Google to find legal services, a strong online presence is crucial for attracting potential clients and staying ahead of competitors.

In this increasingly digital age, potential clients are most likely to work with a firm that has a robust online presence.  Think about it: if you are looking for a new location for dinner, where do you search? If you find restaurants with no or poor online reviews, or incorrect directory information, how likely are you to choose them for your dinner plans?

The same rules apply to potential clients looking for a new estate planning or elder law attorney!  Develop online authority, trust, and credibility, and people will want to work with you.

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James Camopbell, CGO of IMS


Read Our Success Stories Below:

McCammon Law:

In 2020, Shawn McCammon opened McCammon Law in Boerne, Texas after relocating his practice from northern California. Through strategic Google PPC advertising, McCammon Law saw transformative results. With a $1,067.45 ad spend, we generated 43 high-quality leads, slashing the cost-per-conversion to $24.82 compared to a competitor’s $43.  Our targeted ads also boosted monthly lead generation by 56 leads, demonstrating the effectiveness and precision of our strategies in maximizing ROI and driving growth.

The Werner Law Firm:

The Werner Law Firm saw remarkable success with our SEO and content strategies for their 10 office locations in southern California. IMS focused on optimizing the law firm's online presence for critical probate-related keywords and boosted firm rank to the top three positions, driving substantial traffic. With 88,900 new web users and 219 conversions in less than a year, their digital presence and client engagement soared. Now the firm is breaking new boundaries after opening an office in Frisco, Texas in 2024.
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Disclaimer: Growing a small law firm to six or seven figures (or more) is not easy. The journey is both challenging and exhilarating. At every step you may be tempted to quit. Those who succeed are committed, coach-able and resourceful. If that’s you, let’s talk.