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The Marketing Lawcast: Effective Growth Tactics for Estate Planning Law Firms

Posted On: October 4, 2023

By: Jennifer Goddard

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Written by: Jennifer Goddard

Jennifer Goddard is CEO and co-founder of IMS. She has been at the helm of the agency since its start-up in 1995. Jennifer specializes in helping estate planning and elder lawyers grow 7-figure firms with digital marketing. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master's degree in business administration from Michigan State University.
The Marketing Lawcast with Guest Kevin Horner

With Guest Attorney Kevin T. Horner

What are the strategic foundations to growing an estate planning law practice in a sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable way? This week on The Marketing Lawcast podcast, I visit with Attorney (and IMS client) Kevin T. Horner of The Galligan Law Firm.

First, a little background on Kevin and his firm: Co-Founder and Attorney Mary Galligan joined with Tammy Manning to form Galligan & Manning in 1997 focusing on estate planning, estate administration, elder law, and business succession.  In 2018, Kevin moved to Houston from Pittsburgh and started working as an attorney with Galligan & Manning. He is admitted to practice in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York, and he has represented clients in the Northeast and Texas for 15 years. After Tammy Manning's retirement in 2022, the firm became a new entity, The Galligan Law Firm.  We've been working with Mary since November 2018, and since then we have been impressed with the success of the firm as a mainstay in the Houston community.  I've noted that one of the keys to the firm's longevity has been the stability of their staff, which are the same staff people who started working with IMS in 2018 and were there years prior to Mary becoming our client!

In this enlightening journey, Kevin graciously shares some of the strategies for creating a flourishing estate planning law practice, illuminating the subtle art of managing the human components intrinsic to legal practice.

We explore legacy planning, a tapestry woven with more than just financial threads; it’s about imparting emotional and moral values, about the heritage you wish to bestow upon your loved ones. It’s a vivid reminder to look beyond mere financial assets and to consider the rich tapestry of values and morals you wish to leave behind. This narrative is not just about wealth transition; it’s about leaving a meaningful footprint, a legacy reflecting your essence.

With Kevin’s wisdom, we traverse the intricate paths of asset transfer and incapacity planning, shedding light on the effective strategies in managing estate complexities, especially when loved ones are spread across diverse states.

The concept of incapacity planning, a pivotal element of estate law, is also spotlighted, with Kevin highlighting the imperative of robust plans to shield clients in scenarios of incapacitation, illustrating the synergy between a harmonious workforce and a law firm’s triumph, accentuating the essence of staff retention and continuity in a firm’s journey.

Three Pivotal Growth Tactics for Estate Planning Law Firms

In addition, Kevin shares invaluable advice on crafting a flourishing estate planning law practice in this episode and provides a comprehensive resource focusing on the subtle art of managing the human aspects of legal practice.   Emphasizing the necessity of meticulous work processes to ensure staff longevity and firm stability, Kevin focuses on three pivotal growth tactics for estate planning law firms:

  1. Enhanced Client Experience & Quality Communication: Fostering robust client relationships and exemplary client experiences through effective communication and efficient meetings makes every client feels valued and understood.
  2. Active and Consistent Marketing: Generating a constant flow of opportunities through proactive and continuous promotion of the firm's services is a foundation to making the firm visible and appealing to potential clients.
  3. Nurturing Client Reviews & Constructive Feedback Management: Online reviews help to augment the firm’s online presence, fortify trust through client testimonials. Law firms can use all reviews, both positive and negative, as opportunities to learn and improve.

As our discussion wraps up, the essence of the journey to prosperous legacy planning and firm growth is crystallized. It’s a journey demanding profound understanding of estate law, meticulous attention to client experience, and a sophisticated marketing approach. Whether you’re a budding legal eagle or steering an established legal ship, this interaction with Kevin is laden with jewels of insight, underscoring the significance of mastering not just the law but also the intricate dance of client relations and team synergy.

Our dialog with Kevin is a rich tapestry detailing the intricacies and the profound importance of legacy planning and estate law. It’s a treasure trove of effective growth tactics for anyone aspiring to build a successful estate planning law practice, accentuating the focal points of client experience, marketing, and client feedback.

Step into this captivating conversation and discover how your law firm can become a symphony of success, strategic marketing, and cherished client experiences in the world of estate planning.


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Disclaimer: Growing a small law firm to six or seven figures (or more) is not easy. The journey is both challenging and exhilarating. At every step you may be tempted to quit. Those who succeed are committed, coach-able and resourceful. If that’s you, let’s talk.