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How Great Law Firms Close More Leads at Premium Fees Without Any Pushback … Even Internet Leads

James Campbell

Chief Growth Officer (CGO)
James has spent the last 15 years helping estate and elder lawyers design and achieve the lifestyle and law firm of their dreams. He believes that selling is serving and that the more authentic you are, the more you will sell.

 In This Training Your Will Learn:

  • How to discover value and charge premium fees for your service.
  • Ways to shift your mindset from one of educating to serving the person.
  • Why the traditional sales model makes potential clients devalue your service due to focusing on transactions and features.
  • How to attract motivated clients by demonstrating authority through asking questions and focusing on the person.

And Finally...

  • How to put your planning expertise to work in your sales strategy so that your standards and guidelines provide the confidence a prospect needs to engage with your firm on every call.

How to Get Started

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Disclaimer: Growing a small law firm to six or seven figures (or more) is not easy. The journey is both challenging and exhilarating. At every step you may be tempted to quit. Those who succeed are committed, coach-able and resourceful. If that’s you, let’s talk.