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Busy Dad Builds Seven-Figure Estate Planning Practice

Posted On: October 19, 2021

By: Jennifer Goddard

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Written by: Jennifer Goddard

Jennifer Goddard is CEO and co-founder of IMS. She has been at the helm of the agency since its start-up in 1995. Jennifer specializes in helping estate planning and elder lawyers grow 7-figure firms with digital marketing. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master's degree in business administration from Michigan State University.
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Busy Dad Builds Estate Planning Law Firm

Busy Dad Builds Estate Planning Law Firm

Nick Lambros knew what he wanted ... and what he didn't want.

An estate planning attorney in Rhode Island, Nick came to us with a challenge. He wanted to build a profitable, wealth-generating law firm. He wanted to provide for his family ... make sure his kids could get great educations and graduate with zero student loan debt.

But ... he said ... there's a catch. And it's a big one.

"I don't want to sacrifice time with my family to do it. I want to be present with my kids. I don't want to miss any ball games."

Standard Advice Wasn't Going to Work for Nick

Nick spoke to several other law firm coaches and marketing firms before bringing his challenge to us.

They all told him the same things ...

You can reach seven figures in estate planning, but you'll have to work your butt off!

The best way to get to seven figures is to ramp up a seminar marketing machine -- establish a call center, run $10k of newspaper ads a month, and show up to present workshops at least twice a week ... and, by the way, you'll have to travel out of town to reach a big enough market!

Network. Network. Network. Take a financial advisor out to lunch at least once every day ... twice if you have to.

Join the country club. Spend every weekend on the golf course.

Nick knew that NONE of that was for him ...

First, he didn't want to earn $1M just to spend $900k in overhead!

Second ... all of that defeated his purpose. He was doing this for his family ... he wasn't about to throw them under the bus just to make money. He knew whatever he earned wouldn't do his kids any good if they had to grow up without their dad fully-present.

Finding A Team To Support His Values Took Him To His Goals ... And Beyond

What Nick found with IMS was a team that fully supported his family values ... and the tools and strategies to make his dream a reality.

Nick was easy to coach. He soaked everything up like a sponge and implemented ... even when some things, like social media, were outside his comfort zone.

Today, his practice is thriving ... he's grown the exact firm he wanted ... and he did it without missing a single ball game!

"IMS has completely transformed my lifestyle, not just my business, my lifestyle. Clients just keep coming in, great clients, eager to hire us. I’ve surpassed my revenue goals. Also, and this is big. My son sees the practice and how well it does. And he is actually thinking it might not be a bad idea to join dad’s firm after all.”

Are you an estate planning or elder lawyer who wants to build a wealth-generating practice, attract great clients ... while still enjoying life outside of the office?

We work exclusively with estate planning and elder lawyers ... and have since 1995 ... if you have a challenge in your practice, we have seen it and we know how to solve it!

Book a free 45-minute call with my team. We'll put our heads together to map out the exact strategy to reach your goals.

You only get one life ... why not live it great!



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Disclaimer: Growing a small law firm to six or seven figures (or more) is not easy. The journey is both challenging and exhilarating. At every step you may be tempted to quit. Those who succeed are committed, coach-able and resourceful. If that’s you, let’s talk.